My Favorite 5

Greetings Earthlings!!

This entry will explain my 5 personal favorite items in my personal kit, that I use daily, and obvious must haves. I will also have another one for HAIR so stay tuned :)

1. Anastasia Dip Brow(consumer) brow palette (for artists)

Beauty wise, these are must haves for any artist or anyone that just wants bangin' brows!! The consistency and color choices are so versatile. Warm, Neutral, and Taupe colors all included in their selection. Not to mention they are extremely affordable! $18 for Dip Brow and will last you forever!!! 

2. Makeup Forever HD Pressed Powder. 

This Micro fine setting powder is one of my HOLY GRAILS. The loose powder is also nice, but i prefer a quicker access product with less chance of spillage (yes it has definitely happened lol) Feels like suede on your face lol

3. MAC Liquid last liner in Pointe Black

So my typical makeup look is a cat eye winged liner, arched brows and a precise lip. Reminiscent of modern day 1940's. You name a liquid liner, I have tried it... This one in particular is just AMAZING!! Its water proof But beware, once its on, its ON. I have small oily lids and there is NO creasing! 

4. Limecrime Velvetine Liquid to Matte Lipsticks

ALL MATTE EVERYTHING!! From my nails to my lips, I have to have matte. These velvetines come beautifully packaged in what looks like a lipgloss tube and are applied like one.. they dry in about 30 seconds and once its on, it ON! I have eaten taco bell with my velvetines on and didn't even have to reapply!! That makes me happy lol 


5. Too Faced Chocolate Soleil Bronzer

See i'm not much of a contour my face kinda person, so this right here is perfect for me. I have a lighter yellowy-beige complexion and this bronzer really warms me up but also gives me some soft shape. Not to mention it smells (and tastes lol don't judge me) like chocolate! There is also a lighter one for fair complexions called Milk chocolate soleil. 

Thanks for reading my first entry!! I welcome questions, and comments!! Stay tuned for my Favorite 5 Hair edition!! 

Over & Out

illy Gunnz