Under a Minute


You all know my stance on the YouTube Makeup tutorial world. It's really not my thing. Not to mention, makeup lessons is a service I provide, so tutorials kind of defeat the purpose lol

But recently, I had a few people on my Facebook timeline struggling with certain parts of their makeup routine. I love to help out everyone, but it's kind of hard to tell someone how to do something, when it really should be shown. So there I was, looking for a decent tutorial on winged liner. It seemed like every single one had the same kind of music, or sooooo much talking, and their methods were just too complicated. 

So I decided I wanted to record my own quick and simple tutorial that did not require 5-10 minutes of unnecessary talking and basic music.

That's when i created "UNDER A MINUTE"

Tutorials for those that just want to get straight to the point. 


The San Francisco POP UP Makeup Show!!

I don't know about all of you but i'm pretty excited for this event!!

This event is PUBLIC with over 50 popular makeup brands including MY personal favorite Makeup Forever Professional, offering their pro discounts for the attendees of this show!!

AUGUST 29-30, 2015
Saturday 11:00 AM – 7:00 PM
Sunday 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM

One day ticket: $28

Two day ticket: $44

Here is a list of some of the brands and what they will be offering at the show!

MAKE UP FOR EVER: 40% off all products available at the booth and 50% off five or more pieces of any HD products and/or Ultra HD Foundation.

A.C. Cosmetics: Providing 20% discount voucher to all attendees that can be used when shopping at MAC PRO Powell (valid during Pop-Up Show dates only).

London Brush Company: Is bringing their bespoke makeup brushes and introducing the James Vincent 5-Piece Set, as well as Brush Rack. They will also be introducing the latest scent in their best-selling Vegan Brush Shampoo. All prices are 20 – 30% off. Color Me Beauty: This revolutionary makeup tool takes foundation application to the next level with an automatic sponge that applies foundation smoothly and mimics gentle finger tapping. Receive 20% off Color Me Beauty exclusively at the show.

Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics: Will be offering a first look to West Coasters of their exciting new product, Lip Tar/RTW: the all-new, easy-to-use applicator for their cult classic Lip Tar. Cozzette Infinite Makeup: Will be offering 30% off to all attendees!

Zuca: Receive 25% off all items at the show. ittsē: Will be offering 15% off of all ittsē products as well as a free, super-fashionable vegan leather ittsē palette with the purchase of twelve or more ittsē refill products!

Blinking Beauté: Will be offering 20% off the total purchase.

Eye Kandy Cosmetics: Will be showcasing their limited edition summer collection at the show: Sun kissed, Endless Summer, Surfer Girl and Beach Baby—all offered at a 35% discount.

Static Nails: Will be releasing an entirely new collection of re-usable manicures offered 50% off.  Attendees will get the very first view and the ability to purchase these amazing new designs!

Model in a Bottle: Will be offering a Show Special of $35 for their Makeup Setting Spray, Long Lasting Brow Sealer, Lipstick Sealer, Eyelash Curler, and Brush Set—a $70.00 value for $35.00.

La Mienne: Offering an exclusive special of $10 off beauty services with Promo Code: MUSHOW15 for show attendees.

Bdellium Tools: Will be offering 40% off on all their products at The Makeup Show SF Pop-Up Shop.

Kryolan: Will be extending their pro discount of 20% to all attendees of the show.

Senna Cosmetics: Will be offering their pro-discount of 40% off at the show.

MELANGE: Enjoy an exclusive opportunity to download their app and try the product pre-launch.  All guests who download the new app will receive 5 free samples of their custom, color-matched foundation shade.

TEMPTU: Will have a The Makeup Show SF exclusive!  Only here can you pick up TEMPTU 2.0 with Airpod Foundation and Airpod Highlighter for $125 (retail $205)

AJ Crimson: Will be offering The Makeup Show SF attendees 25% off all retail prices. -

See more at: http://www.themakeupshow.com/the-makeup-show-blog/exclusive-beauty-product-discounts-at-the-makeup-show-sf-pop-up-shop/#sthash.HfE4ownA.dpuf

My Favorite 5

Greetings Earthlings!!

This entry will explain my 5 personal favorite items in my personal kit, that I use daily, and obvious must haves. I will also have another one for HAIR so stay tuned :)

1. Anastasia Dip Brow(consumer) brow palette (for artists)

Beauty wise, these are must haves for any artist or anyone that just wants bangin' brows!! The consistency and color choices are so versatile. Warm, Neutral, and Taupe colors all included in their selection. Not to mention they are extremely affordable! $18 for Dip Brow and will last you forever!!! 

2. Makeup Forever HD Pressed Powder. 

This Micro fine setting powder is one of my HOLY GRAILS. The loose powder is also nice, but i prefer a quicker access product with less chance of spillage (yes it has definitely happened lol) Feels like suede on your face lol

3. MAC Liquid last liner in Pointe Black

So my typical makeup look is a cat eye winged liner, arched brows and a precise lip. Reminiscent of modern day 1940's. You name a liquid liner, I have tried it... This one in particular is just AMAZING!! Its water proof But beware, once its on, its ON. I have small oily lids and there is NO creasing! 

4. Limecrime Velvetine Liquid to Matte Lipsticks

ALL MATTE EVERYTHING!! From my nails to my lips, I have to have matte. These velvetines come beautifully packaged in what looks like a lipgloss tube and are applied like one.. they dry in about 30 seconds and once its on, it ON! I have eaten taco bell with my velvetines on and didn't even have to reapply!! That makes me happy lol 


5. Too Faced Chocolate Soleil Bronzer

See i'm not much of a contour my face kinda person, so this right here is perfect for me. I have a lighter yellowy-beige complexion and this bronzer really warms me up but also gives me some soft shape. Not to mention it smells (and tastes lol don't judge me) like chocolate! There is also a lighter one for fair complexions called Milk chocolate soleil. 

Thanks for reading my first entry!! I welcome questions, and comments!! Stay tuned for my Favorite 5 Hair edition!! 

Over & Out

illy Gunnz